” Purpose Anxiety “

Tamya Anderson and EDITOR: Kenny Owona


I’m a sophomore, 16 years old, and my view on purpose is that it almost feels as if it’s thrown you off course.

We’re constantly reminded that in order to have some type of satisfaction we must first find our purpose in life. Studies show that people who found their purpose led to better physical and mental health but the thing that troubles me is that it puts pressure on me personally, because I don’t have a complete idea on what my purpose is. However, that is ok.

When you tell someone to find their purpose they’ll most likely neglect everything going on in their present life and begin imagining some future fantasy. When you search the word “purpose,” it’s defined as, “reason for which something is done or created.” However, when you search, “what it means to have a purpose” it states, “to have an aim or intention in mind.” No matter how you rephrase this, it states it as some type of goal. We all have goals.

The word purpose to me is a toxic delusion, although I can understand the desire for it.

There is still just too many things in life that can happen and will happen that cannot be controlled. Things like injuries, health issues, crime, and death can disrupt your purpose as well. Millenials like myself are thrown into a world of unrealistic expectations. My advice is dont waste all your time finding your purpose on Earth, instead let it find you.

Now, just to cheer the mood, Hey…life is short so smile while you still have teeth 🙂