KWK Campus Workshop: Learn HTML For Free!


Nasrin Ali, Alumni

Hey CHFHS Students! My name is Nasrin Ali, and I am a college freshman. I graduated from Flowers 2021 and I miss it every day. I wanted to let you all know about an opportunity this fall where you can learn how to code for free! I attended a summer coding camp with Kode With Klossy twice and had an incredible experience. 

Now they’re offering a new program during the school year facilitated by alumni of the program, like me!  You could learn the basics of website development, develop presentation skills, and engage in important conversations around the culture of technology. The program is completely free and no computer science experience is required. You can learn more and sign up by checking out this website.

I thought you guys might be interested since many of you guys are interested in digital art or have your own businesses. Whatever you are into or do, learning how to build a website would be a great way to showcase the amazing skills I know you have. 

If you’re interested, the program is being held on November 27th from 11 AM – 5 PM. You can sign up HERE– make sure you do by November 13th! Also, make sure to select workshop 3F (it’s the workshop I am hosting.) If you have any questions let me know ([email protected]) or reach out to the Kode With Klossy team by email at [email protected].