The JAGUARS Kick Off The Playoffs!

Taking the game 48-6, Flowers displays a stellar performance vs. Parkdale.

Photographer: Brian Skinner Jr, Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

On November 6, 2021, Flowers came to face off against Parkdale. With the final score being 48-6, Flowers kicked Parkdale out in the first round of the playoffs!

The game looked to be in Flowers’ hands from the start, as if they were set to win that day. The incredible coaching of Flowers and plays our amazing players had made, there was nothing standing in our way. Some of the top players on offense include: Sean Johnson (Number 3), who is also the quarterback. Sean had 24 passing yards. Another top offensive player was Maurice Brown II playing the tight end with 1 carry, 4 rushing yards and 1 touchdown. Wide Receiver Malachi West (Number 13) with 1 reception, and 24 yards per reception. This offense broke the down iron chains and hit the Parkdale defense where it hurt the most. The top 3 defensive players for Flowers include Defensive Tackle Ayomide Akinrimisi (Number 55), Tyson Simms (Number 34), and Braydon Lee – Cornerback (Number 12). The Panther Defense put a swift end to any advancements that Parkdale tried.

Brian Skinner Jr