A French Teacher with a Musical Passion

Chinemerem Opaigbeogu, Staff Writer

“I was born in a small town in Kenya”, said Mr. Scott Griffin. His role model as a child was his elementary school teacher Mr. Abraham, who inspired him to become a teacher himself. Before Mr.Griffin came to teach at Flowers he taught at a school in DC. Including his teaching at the previous school, he has been teaching for 20+ years. Before he became a teacher, Mr.Griffin wanted to become a musician.
“I wanted to be a musician as a kid,” said Mr.Griffin.
Mr. Griffin’s hobbies include watching sports like soccer, basketball, and football. His favorite soccer teams are Manchester United and Brazil. His favorite football team is the Redskins. His other hobby is that he enjoys listening to music, his favorites including instrumental, French, and Latin.
His favorite car is a Mercedes-Benz and his favorite color is blue. He attended the National University of Wonder in Africa. Mr.Griffin would like to make a difference in the lives of the students that he teaches.
Mr.Griffin teaches French 1, French 2, and AP French.