Flowers Secretary Shows True Gift In Guiding Others

Oluchi Ike, Online Editor

When it comes to serving people, Ms. Tina Williams is all about it. From taking the risk to decide not to attend college in order to better others instead of herself, the new guidance secretary shows true altruism.
Despite this being Tina Williams’s first year working as a guidance secretary at Flowers High School, she is not new to the field of assisting students. Instead of attending college, Williams decided to work as an assistant for the Department of Education. From working there, she created a foundation and developed a love for assisting others which led to her working in school environments.
Williams has been practicing her profession in Prince Georges County for 12 years. During these 12 years, she has worked from elementary all the way up to high school. One of the reasons she decided to work at Flowers was because it was a high school; she described high schools as her favorite level of education. When asked about her dislikes when it comes to her job, Ms. Williams couldn’t think of any. She expressed how much she loves working and helping children, describing it as “The best gift God can give a person.” When Ms. Williams is not sitting at her desk working, she enjoys watching movies and traveling. Her last memorable trip was to Ocean City this past summer.