Give That Good Loving

Alice Oshin, Staff Writer

Love,Peace and Soul is what teacher,director, and producer Ms. Ingram decided to name the drama show of this year.This years show is expected to be absolutely spectacular. The music that will be included in the show will be old school song from artists such as The O’Jays,Whitney Houston, Earth Wind and Fire, New Edition, and many more. There are no leading roles in the show, simply because it was not written that way. It’s more of an everyone has ‘their moment’ story. Ms. Ingram’s shows are usually packed with a supporting and strong audience.
The level of her expectation should be at all time high, but nothing to worry about the show will be another success. She is ”hoping that it will be televised” again as her prior show “The Wiz” was but nothing is promised. The theme of this story is life, relationship of love through music . So if that is in your department of intrest then keep a look out in April because this show will be big.