Health Is Her Specialty, Cheering is Her Passion

Kyra Vasquez, Staff Writer

Added to the new fresh faces is the wonderful Mrs. Carter. Mrs. Carter teaches Food & Nutrition 1, Food Trends, and Health Issues. This is not Mrs. Carter first year teaching; previously she taught 9 years at DuVal High School.
Mrs. Carter says her experience at CHFHS is “It’s been ok. Trying to adjust to a new subject. It’s almost like my first year teaching.” Mrs. Carter is also the new Jaguar’s cheerleading coach. Mrs. Carter’s opinion on the students are “ they are respectful and care about their studies.”
Mrs. Carter has two daughters, sadly they do not attend CHFHS because they are too young. Mrs. Carter’s goal for the year is “just make it to the end!” The one thing she would do to make CHFHS better is add another gym and cafeteria for more space. Beautify the school to improve the look. Reduce population because it’s overcrowded.