Ms.Pea´s 1B Child Development class decorating their classroom .

Future Teachers in the Making

Tyrisha Bailey, Editor: Saffiatu Johnson

Here we have Ms.Pea´s first period B day class class setting up their room together for Child Development . If you love kids, love to help , or just the desire to be around kids this is the class for you . If you are interested in this 3 year program please make your way to Ms.Pea´s class on first floor , room 1019 during your lunch time or break to sign up with your laptop . She is looking for 9th graders only !

10th Grade Year-1st Class to Learn how to work with children. Understanding how children learn and develop over time.

11th Grade Year- Double Period with Ms. Pea. Preschool Lab at Flowers working with preschoolers in class.(If Covid Allows) Internship Year: Work in a Paid Daycare Center once you turn 16. Create a Portfolio and prepare for an interview with a Child Care Specialist. CPR Certification and American with Disabilities Act Certification.

12th Grade Year: ½ Day schedule and continue to earn the 480 Daycare Internship requirement. Take the CDA Test which PG County Public School pays $480 for first attempt. Finish the Program and become Certified.

Meet and Greet Day Monday, November 22nd

Lunch Times Only: Snacks will be provided

Special Guest: Mrs. Connie Findley, Program Director

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