CHF Updates 11-15-2021

DR. Brown, Reporter: Dr.Brown


News from 11-15-2021 if you did not see DR.Brown email.

Dear CHF Parents and Guardians,

I greet you in the spirit of excellence!

End of Quarter 1

As we approach this final few days of the first quarter, I thank you for keeping our young adults motivated and focused on the goal of exemplifying excellence in the classroom. The quarter ends on Tuesday, November 16th and students will have two hour early release on Wednesday, November 17th as teachers complete the grade publishing process.

CHF PTSA Meeting

On behalf of our PTSA President, Ms. Crystal Carpenter, you are invited to join our Parent-Teacher-Student Association  for a virtual meeting on Tuesday, November 16th at 7pm. Zoom information can be found below:

Meeting ID: 868 0153 1853
Passcode: 116515

Math Tutoring
The CHF Math Honor Society is offering free after school Math tutoring again this year. Tutoring will be held weekly, every Friday on Zoom, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Meeting Link: Mu Alpha Theta Tutoring. Once you join the session, tutors (also flowers students) will assist in ALL levels of math, and also in SAT Prep. You can then identify a subject and go into a breakout room!
On time arrival 
Kudos to all of the students who make on time arrival a priority! Please be advised that the school day begins at 7:45am. Arrival after this time constitutes tardiness, will be recorded, and could have academic ramifications. During the school day, a warning bell is rung one minute prior to the late bell each period. To assist with ensuring that students focus on arriving on time, we will be conducting periodic “hall sweeps” where students will be documented and parents contacted. Continued “hallsweep” infractions will be addressed using progressive discipline. Please focus on getting to class on time!
Hall sweeps
Beginning Monday, November 8th, Hallsweeps will occur at the late bell. Teachers will be directed to lock their door when the late bell sounds. There will not be a countdown. I appreciate your efforts at arriving to class on time. For those that do not, we will use these progressive discipline measures to address tardiness:
1st instance- Verbal warning
2nd instance- Phone call home
3rd instance- Parent Conference
4th instance- ISS for a period
5th instance- ISS for the day
6th instance and subsequent infractions- Suspension
Mandatory Uniform
Please be advised that we are a mandatory uniform school. Though we have loosened the requirements, at minimum students must have some type of black pants and a green shirt under their outerwear item. Those failing to wear the uniform will receive parent contact.
SAT and ACT Events

CHF will be a host site for the SAT on December 4th and ACT on December 11th. Registration for the SAT occurs via the College Board and can be accessed at this link. The early registration deadline for this administration has passed, but Collegeboard is accepting late registrations until November 23rd. Registration for the ACT can be accessed via this link. Late registration for this administering of the exam must occur by November 19th. Let’s ensure that all of our Jaguar upperclassmen are college ready by taking this important step!

The Scholarship Doctor

For assistance with obtaining scholarships, Please see the linked flyer.

BSU BOLD Parent Institute

The Bowie State University Building Online Learning Disciplines Parent Initiative (BSU BOLD) is designed to support families as they deal with the ebbs and flows associated with the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and Racial/Social Injustice. The BSU BOLD program is coordinated by School Psychologists and Human Development
professionals. The team also includes the support of Licensed Professional Counselors and community organizations. The BSU BOLD program is an ONLINE program that is being offered at no charge to families who reside or attend school in the state of Maryland. Without a doubt, the dual Pandemics have been challenging,
but they have also provided opportunities for us to strengthen ourselves and build supportive communities. Please see the linked flyer for more information.

Kappa SAT Prep
It was reported that our students were STARS at the last SAT Prep session! Some of our students will be receiving special awards due to their exuberant participation. Here is a list of those students. Please plan on registering and returning for the next session on November 20th. The flyer for the event is linked here.
Achankeng Akem Charles Herbert flowers high school 11 $15 Chipotle Gift Card
Nathaniel Banjo Charle H. Flowers High School 10th.       $15 Chipotle Gift Card
Donald Cash Charles Herbert Flowers High School 11th $15 Chipotle Gift Card
Madison Hawkins Charles Herbert Flowers High School 10th $15 Chipotle Gift Card
Morgan Hill Charles Herbert Flowers high school 10th $15 Chipotle Gift Card
Jayla Jean Charles Herbert Flowers High School 9 $15 Chipotle Gift Card
Joshua Johnson Charles H. Flowers High 9th $15 Chipotle Gift Card
Nzinga Philbert Charles Herbert Flowers 10 $15 Chipotle Gift Card

Applying for Specialty Programs

Here is a chart to learn how to apply to the 3D Scholars, S&T, and Fire Academy programs.

Clubs and Organizations- Meeting Schedule

Now that we have made it through homecoming, we are now ready to begin with Clubs and Organizations. Meetings can occur after school and virtually.  Here is a list of clubs and organizations with the sponsor’s contact information and meeting dates.

Please let us know if you have any other questions regarding information presented in this communication. Have a great week!

Congratulations to Shelemiah Griffiths- Johnson!

During the recent  National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) Conference in Denver, Shelemiah was recognized as a Martin Jenkins Scholar. Congratulations Shelemiah!

Here is a link to his presentation.

In Service,

Dr. Brown, Principal