” Too Comfortable? “

Tamya Anderson

Hello everyone, I’m making this quick and simple by asking you some uncomplicated questions. Tell me, do you feel more comfortable being around your friends now than you were in the beginning of the year, being around large groups of people, and are you using hand sanitizer more or less than you usually were I mean honestly are you even taking the time to disinfect your seat before and after each class? Look, I’m personally not judging any of you. I just want us to stop becoming too comfortable to prevent our school from shutting down. Frankly, I don’t think it’s completely our faults for forgetting or not following some of the school’s safety procedures that should keep our school and the teachers and fellow students within it safe from the COVID-19 Virus. Classroom procedures should comprise both teachers and students being socially distanced as well as wearing a mask covering from start to finish.

Now, look at some pictures I was able to capture throughout the day.

Active classroom of students not social distanced.

In this picture is a classroom full of students as they work on their classwork assignments. Do you see a problem? Read the caption. Now lets look at the next picture I was able to capture.










Here is a picture I took inside the womans restroom located on second floor.

Disassembled hand soap dispenser

There’s been no soap inside the ladies restroom on second floor since last week. Ladies, now is the most important time to make sure that our school is clean and disinfected to keep not only you but everyone safe. With no doubt in mind there’s no excuse this is disgusting and really unsanitary but if you see that there isn’t soap then you can buy you a transportal soap or buy a soap for the bathroom for others to use.







My next picture is our halls which our full of crowds of people all being pushed against each other. Some with their mask on and some off.


And, my last picture being our stairwells.


We need to start speaking up because, although this seems normal, these conditions are far from safe. It can be something as slight as asking your classmates and instructors how they feel about how our school is securing our safety through specific procedures and operations. As well as asking how they plan to secure their own individual safety throughout the school year (s). Now, my intention to you was after reading my article to reflect and ask yourself.. Am I too comfortable? And if you are, again think of some approaches to change that.