“New Study Finds Eating Fat Might Actually Lower Your Risk of Stroke—It Just Has to Be This Kind”


Nia Tabe, Editor: Saffiatu Johnson

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This article is by: Korin Miller
Published on: November 17, 2021 – 11/17/21 Time: 3:00 pmAll through the article, I found out that eating healthy is literally so important, and eating more vegetables might possibly lower your chances of a stroke or a heart attack. But when you contain a risky amount of fat could destroy or maybe a risk of your cardiovascular which will lead you towards a stroke. In this article, the allies of eating are that it scares people because they only think that they are getting fat. People do treat food as an ally to starvation and deprivation just to maintain their diet because they know not to seek the food that they crave the most; it will kill them. Eating vegetable fats and keeping a healthy meal plan is always a successful way to stay healthy no matter what body type you are. The ONLY risk which can really harm you is isolation and death because people feel that they can do it all alone but they still think it’s really fine. I’m not saying that you should eat vegetables every day but at least keep a healthy life plan for your meals and you can still eat what you want and treat yourself however you like at the end of the day. From the article:
I think that fat is not a problem but it
“For years, there’s been a general consensus that having too much fat
in your diet can raise the risk of cardiovascular complications, including stroke. But the
results of a new study suggest that’s not entirely true.”

is a risk and if you’ve dealt with this before then you should definitely take advantage of this because it will eat you up at the end of the day. From the article:
I think this is somehow false because I know for sure that the calcium in milk is very good for your health like your bones and teeth but it is also
important to take of notice that low-dairy products should be contained to avoid more saturated fat to avoid the raise of your cholesterol levels and to definitely prevent the risk of heart attacks or strokes or both which is the whole purpose of this article. From the article:
Yes, you should never turn an eye to the fact that vegetables are not good for you because they have vitamin B in them and you definitely
want to keep your appetite in check, lowering the risk of digestive problems or even cancer. JUST EAT YOUR VEGETABLES EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM. I assure you that you will feel so much alive when you do. From the article:
If you know someone who has a history of health conditions please maintain a healthy lifestyle because life is too short to keep missing known signs that you
“Overall, though, the
researchers found that fat in dairy foods like cheese, butter, milk, ice cream, and cream was
not linked with a higher risk of stroke.”
have more monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, which can lower your levels of
LDL cholesterol and raise the amount of HDL (good) cholesterol in your body, ” Dr. Wong
says. As a result, it can decrease your stroke risk.”
know of which are leading to your way of death. From the article:
literally your friend and your body will always send you a sign when you don’t want to harm
your doctor.
This article relates to health, sports, and science because people have to understand that there’s always a cost to health when you’re not treating your body with proper care or for the help it needs to live a full-on long life. Fat can be risky to your health but it might actually reduce the risk of stroke, complications of the raise in the muscle tissues, and can also reduce the risk of stroke. Doing exercise and eating right can always be a safe way to get yourself in shape if you feel that your health is lacking; to get the attention that your body needs.
What interested me in choosing this article is that I see a lot of people dying and suffering from all kinds of health conditions but are too afraid to seek help. I just think that eating a lot of high fats in meat like a lot but lacking a lot of polyunsaturated fat-like walnuts or vegetables will send you to an early grave and people do not seem to understand that. Eating sugary things is NEVER the answer to this problem but you
“The risk of stroke depends on so
many things including the presence of diabetes, hypertension, smoking, obesity, sedentary
lifestyle, and more,” she says.”
“If you’re nervous about
your stroke risk, talk to your doctor. They can offer up personalized advice.”
Doctors are

definitely need that energy in the day from a little sugar like a chocolate nut bar, for example, will be great for energy after a walk or two.
My opinion on this article is that just because you are slim or big doesn’t mean that someone is not healthy at all or getting enough nutrients in the day for them to stay more proactive and this article just brings all that to a solution to be effective. Something I learned from reading this article is that you know yourself better than anyone and I truly believe that people will change from their eating habits in regards to their health.