What do I hear?

Stephnie Obi, Writer

I hear music, which I can relate to. When I am not the one playing it, my head plays it for me. I am afraid. It is so bad that I hear fear. I hear my heart beating through my skin, through my clothing. My head and spirits keep playing such music which I can relate to, I relate to the words I hear from those music because my mind knows I’m scared, my guts know I’m afraid. Everyone is afraid of  something big but I’ve always been afraid of  not being the best but now, I’m afraid of failure but everything my ear hears involves fright of failure 

It is everywhere I go, It is everything I hear and I feel it whispering to me. Everything my ear hears always converts itself to failure and fear. Nothing can help me from this because it’s everywhere I go. It’s my environment , I hear it every moment, it aligns with my movement and it will always be there to torment, it will challenge my mental health.