What’s to Deliberate in Ahmaud Arbery’s Killing Trial?

What is “Citizens Arrest”?

Professor Whitworth

On November 23, 2011, I sat in my 3A Journalism class and wait for the results after the deliberation of the Arbery Killing Trial.  As I wait to hear and witness the verdict from the jury, I asked them to record their thoughts as they watch the deliberation and the news commentary.  I was not surprised when  there was a 100% response of ,”NO”,  when I asked if anyone was following this trial or have any awareness of the Ahmaud Arbery’s case. Once again America has to face “racism” and citizens wait to here the verdict of an 11 white and 1 black juror.   The fate of three white men who have been charged with 9 charges each.  The jury has to deliberate all 27 charges and come to a consensus before delivering their decision.  Here are some responses:

Cruz, freshmen, “I don’t what to say”.

Roach, sophomore, stated, “this is upsetting” to watch.

Shedden, senior, stated, ” he would like to see a more diverse jury”.

White, junior, stated, I don’t know why she said, “long, dirty toe nails”.

Robinson, sophopmore, I will dissapointed if they did not charge these white men for killing Ahmaud Arbery.