We Should Bring Snacks Back


Wayne Chichester, EDITOR: Kenny Owona

The Flowers high school vending machines are often unfairly turned off and/or unplugged to be away from student access, although the school provides students with a vending machine, it is often looked as if the vending machines are just for show due to security guards constantly unplugging them either during or before lunch. Now you tell me, is this fair for students who prefer not to eat school lunch and don’t have lunch of their own? Does it not give the school profit? Why have vending machines for use if you will not allow them to be used? Administrators force students to leave the vending machines even after they have put their money in by unplugging them. Vending machines can help with funding for the school so why do we not get to use them?

The vending machines do not move, they are in the same spot with the same snacks, if I were one of the students who dislike school lunch and refuse to eat it and couldn’t access the vending machines, I would rely on the students who sell snacks in school but since students aren’t allowed to sell snacks either there is a very low chance that you can find what you are willing to eat.