“Know Your Worth”

Tamya Anderson and EDITOR: Kenny Owona

Hello readers, I’m Tamya, and I am writing this article for students like myself who feel as if they need to impress those around them. As a teenager myself I feel as if the world brings unrealistic expectations into our minds. Looking at celebrities on social media like Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, Miss Mullato, their bodies are publicised.  Girls start to ask themselves if they need bigger body parts to be just as acceped as them. I want everyone to know that you don’t have to be blonde and blue eyed or have a hourglass-like shape to be considered “accepted.”

When it comes to education the “statistics” shows us that white kids are smarter and have better chances at being accepted at a dream college rather than another race. Yet, you  don’t have to go to an all white school to be accepted into your dream college, live in a suburban neighborhood to show your families wealth through houses or cars.

I love being black and brown eyed. I don’t want the statistic of me going to a mostly all black school to be a challenge or obstacle that stops me from being accepted into the outside world.  You should love yourself and feel confident in yourself. You don’t have to follow the “stereotype.” Be You, Know Your Worth!