What is the Omicron variant?

Should the omicron variant be an concern for the school?


Joshua Mclaurin, Writer, Video Editor :Story Editor Brian Skinner Jr

The omicron variant is the latest strain of the corona virus that the World Health Organization classified as a highly transmissible variant of concern, There are no apparent risks of this variant but the symptoms are very flu-like.  It was discovered late November but case studies show that it first started in October.   The known locations that the variant  is in right now is Canada, Africa, United Kingdom and on December 2nd we learned that cases appeared in the U.S, specifically in California (that the World Health Organization knows of).  On November 26 President Joe Biden posted a statement on the official whitehouse.gov site.  He stated that people who aren’t vaccinated are at risk and people who are vaccinated should get a booster shot just in case. Because the variant is very transmissible and haven’t been researched enough, people are left wondering if school and jobs will be closed if cases start skyrocketing in the U.S.  With the unidentified risk and more schools getting the variant, schools are at risk of lock down next year.  Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that.  Please stay safe and remember to follow safety and health protocols.