” Its Okay To Be Human”

Tamya Anderson and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

I wrote this article because I want to have an almost one on one conversation with as many of you guys as I possibly could. I’ll keep this short but I want you to know that it’s honestly okay to make mistakes. I know you hear ” Everyone makes mistakes” a lot but take time to understand that EVERYONE makes them. Just because you made one big or small doesn’t make you nonhuman.

Who honestly cares if your black, white, purple, skinny, fat, shy or overly confident? At the end of the day you are gonna be you. It seriously doesn’t matter how many followers you have right now unless you’re trying to be 60 showing off your 800 followers to people showing off their income, houses, cars, etc. Now, if you wanna be an influencer I guess that’s something different but to be this young now stressing over the pictures and comments you posted is not healthy. Not everyone is gonna find all the same things you like to be important. We each have our own opinions.

Being able to make a mistake and overcome it means you can grow from your flaws. You may disagree with my theory and that’s okay not everyone will agree with me. We each have our own voices, use them!