Do You Feel Safe To Be Black?

Mikayla Smith, Staff Writer

I went around my school and asked a couple of teachers do you feel safe to be black. I asked that question because of the many recent killings of black people. Do you feel as if you’re a target? The first teacher I interviewed was Mr. Hamilton who is a Foundations of Technology teacher at Flowers High School. The way he feels is that he is aware of certain stereotypes that are promoted by media for African-American males, he is also aware that he would be judged by his looks in a negative way. The problem is mass media is demonizing African-American males he said, media makes it seem like we’re the spotlight of negatively or crime.
The other teacher I interviewed was Dr. Isebor who is a Government teacher at Flowers High school. He says that he feels safe to be black. He says he is ambivalent and that means having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone. He also says it feels safe with being in my neighborhood but once I leave I kind of don’t.
The last teacher I interviewed was Ms. Smith who is an English teacher at Flowers High School. She says yes I feel safe as a person who happens to be black. She knows that her color is what people see first so she tries to present herself as a positive individual who happens to be black. She understands there are situations wHere her color can be an issue with people so she avoids those situations.