Meet the Class of 2023 Executive Board!


Hillary De La Cruz

Omorose Emwanta, Editor: Brian Skinner Jr

Have you ever wondered which juniors are in the C/O 2023 Executive Board? Here is your opportunity to know!


Meet your president, Hillary De La Cruz. She leads the Executive Board alongside our sponsor, Ms. Carter.


Michael Dunn, the vice president, acts as the leader of the fundraising committee and ensures that we raise enough funds for Class of 2023´s senior events.

While the fundraising committee raises money for events, the activities and events turns these dreams into a reality! Hillary and Jason Avila- the treasurer- are the leaders of this group.

Omorose Emwanta, the secretary, and Nevaeh Hampton, the historian, both coordinate the media committee. They ensure that students are in touch with their officers and aware of pertinent information.