Mask Mandate In Maryland “When Will It End?”

Jeshurun Monsodi and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

The Maryland Mask Mandate has been called into question by the community during a Tuesday Hearing in which  Donna St. George of the Washington Post says “As the youngest students begin to get vaccinated, Maryland education officials are rethinking the state’s mask mandate for schools and how long it needs to stay in place.” The Parents, Students, Teachers, School Board Leaders and, Public Health Experts, had a 4.5 hour long hearing on when they think the mask mandate should be ended. Some attendees questioned the effectiveness of masks in schools, while supporters of the mandate say that masks are still an important protection for students due to the continuing Coronavirus Pandemic. This all begs to say that the state of affairs is in disarray because of the lack of solution that pleases both sides and keeps the community safe. While waiting for a solution we should all keep protecting ourselves which in turn will protect others and keep our community safe.