New COVID variant- What does this mean for the “Mecca”?


Avery Thomas , Editor Brian Skinner Jr


There is a new Variant of the Corona virus, it is on the rise called the “Omicron” Variant. This new variant was first identified in South Africa. So what makes this variant top page of the news and why are scientists so concerned? It apparently has a high number of mutations and is more transmissible. The World Health Organization has called this a “variant of concern.” On November 29th 2021 we were warned that the Global risks are “very high.” The first case in the U.S. of the Omicron variant was reported on November 29th In San Francisco after somebody returned from South Africa on the 22nd.


Now that we have the introductions covered;what does this mean for “The Mecca of Excellence” ? Do we continue to go to school until it finally reaches Maryland like we did in 2020? What precautions are we taking to make sure we are ready for this variant if it travels very fast? Then there is talk of us getting lockers? Booster shots aren’t even approved for 17 and under yet and even if they do become available how many will get it? How effective will the vaccine be if and when this variant reaches our county? My guess is that we are going to be back home sooner than later. Sound off on the comments on your concerns and your honest thoughts.