Child Development Program


Early Childhood Education Program here at Flowers HS

Morgan D.B, Sydney Ellis, Editor

If you’re interested in the Early Childhood Education Program this is your time to apply. It’s a 3 year program, and your 1st class to learn how to work with children, understand how children learn, and develop over time begins your sophomore year. The following year you will have a double period with Ms.Pea and then Preschool Lab at Flowers working with preschoolers in class! (IF COVID PERMITS) By the time you are a junior, you will work in a paid daycare center once you reach age 16. Preparing for an interview with a Child Care Specialist, receiving a CPR Certification, alongside with the Disabilities Act Certification. Your 12th grade year, you’re guaranteed a 1/2 day schedule, and will continue to earn the 480 Daycare Internship requirement. Then following that take the CDA Test which PGCPS pays $480 for your first attempt. You don’t want to miss out!

Contact Ms.Pea; [email protected]

Ms. Pea is located in Room 1019