Your Opinion: Is Locker Time a Good Idea?

What do you think?


Stacey Alexis

Students open their own lockers for the first time in years.

Stacey Alexis, Reporter/Writer

Students make their ways through the hall trying to find their lockers while others try to open theirs. (Stacey Alexis)
A student successfully located and open their locker! Some didn’t have this luck. (Stacey Alexis)

On December 3, Principal Dr. Brown announced that students have been assigned lockers for the school. However, students are having a lot of trouble using the locker and are concerned about the safety of the situation. During the locker time, students can be seen crowded around each other which raises a common concern for COVD-19, it’s still around. For some of the students, the lockers are jammed, while other students have never opened a locker before. A lot of the Jaguars don’t even want a locker, they’ve adapted to carrying their stuff and think it’s too late in the school year for them.
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