Using Your Locker at CHFHS


Kamsi Oguguo - Writer, Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

            We are all aware of the introduction of lockers for students this school year. On December 3rd, 2021, every CHFHS student was assigned a locker to store items that are unable to be held throughout the school day. The new establishment of lockers will effectively help students throughout the day to keep their belongings in a safe environment till they are ready to remove it. Although we have been given the privilege to use these lockers, they are for the purpose of allowing students to store books, instructional materials, and personal belongings only, and should not be used to hide illegal entities such as, alcohol, drugs, weapons, stolen items, or any other material that does not belong in school. Also, be sure to remember that you are responsible for your locker. Do not share your locker code with others or you will be responsible for the outcome of any stolen items. 

             In order to correctly open your lockers, you must use the combination given to you from your 1st period teacher. The locker number can be found on the top right corner of the sheet and the combination can be found below your counselors full name. There have been multiple complaints about jammed lockers. Remember that you must reset your locker by rotating the lock 360 degrees 3 times. Please note that if you are still having trouble opening your locker, Dr. Brown has sent out a form to fill out to request help. With the addition of lockers for students, it will positively impact our school and help us continue our school year the correct way.