Trip to the Library


Stacey Alexis

Some of Ms. Whitworth’s 1B class visiting the school library, for some, this is their first visit.

Stacey Alexis and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

Ms. Whitworth took the sophomores from her 1B Journalism class on a field trip to the school library. Many of them have not been to the library since the pandemic and didn’t know about the wide variety of books located in the school! You can find graphic novels, college prep books, manga, and so much more at the school library! Check out the library on the second floor (right side), maybe you might find yourself a new book.

Five sophomores and a senior visit the school library. (Stacey Alexis)
Some of the books you can find at the school library. (Stacey Alexis)
There are enough computers in the library for an average sized class. (Stacey Alexis)
Kennedy and Sheon (10th grade) found a cool new book to read. (Stacey Alexis)
Leslie (10th grade) checking out the books on the wooden rack. (Stacey Alexis)