Morning Announcements 12/6/21

Morning Announcements 12/6/21

Stacey Alexis, Principal Doctor Brown, and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

Welcome to another Magnificent Monday at our Mecca of Excellence! Monday is an “A” day. Class starts at 7:45am. Please arrive on time, with your mask on, ready to learn!
Are you ready for Winter Sports?
Please come out and support our Boys’ Basketball team as they host Oxon Hill High School on Tuesday and Great Mills High School on Friday. Both games start at 5:30pm for JV and 7:00pm for Varsity. The following protocols must be followed for all in attendance:

1. Gymnasium Seating Capacity is limited to 50%. (around 600 or less for Flowers)

2. No Cash will be collected at the Gate ALL Tickets must be purchased Online. (once tickets are sold out no more will be available)

3. All spectators must wear masks while indoors.

Locker Information

Please see this link for information regarding locker usage at CHF.

Removal of masks- Cease and desist
It has been advised that students are removing each other’s masks as a type of “prank”. Please be clear that we are still in the midst of a pandemic and mask mandates are still in effect and will be enforced. If you are found to be participating in this “prank’ we will  have no choice but to discipline you accordingly.

Manhood 101 Toy drive

9th Graders

Join the Early Childhood Program

3 Year Program

Sign Up for Program

By December 10th

Your Parents Must create the account first.

Then you can sign up for 

Early Childhood Education Program here at Flowers HS

10th Grade Year-1st Class to Learn how to work with children. Understanding how children learn and develop over time.

11th Grade Year– Double Period with Ms. Pea. Preschool Lab at Flowers working with preschoolers in class.(If Covid Allows) Internship Year: Work in a Paid Daycare Center once you turn 16. Create a Portfolio and prepare for an interview with a Child Care Specialist. CPR Certification and American with disabilities Act Certification.

12th Grade Year: ½ Day schedule and continue to earn the 480 Daycare Internship requirement. Take the CDA Test which PG County Public School pays $480 for first attempt.

Ms. Pea: [email protected]

Room 1019: 1st Floor

 ECE Flyer

 Video-Early Childhood Education Video/21-22

Driving School- With Scholarships!

On time arrival 

Kudos to all of the students who make on time arrival a priority! Please be advised that the school day begins at 7:45am. Arrival after this time constitutes tardiness, will be recorded, and could have academic ramifications. During the school day, a warning bell is rung one minute prior to the late bell each period. To assist with ensuring that students focus on arriving on time, we will be conducting periodic “hall sweeps” where students will be documented and parents contacted. Continued “hall sweep” infractions will be addressed using progressive discipline. Please focus on getting to class on time!

Hall sweeps

Beginning Monday, November 8th, Hall sweeps will occur at the late bell. Teachers will be directed to lock their door when the late bell sounds. There will not be a countdown. I appreciate your efforts at arriving to class on time. For those that do not, we will use these progressive discipline measures to address tardiness:

1st instance- Verbal warning

2nd instance- Phone call home

3rd instance- Parent Conference

4th instance- ISS for a period

5th instance- ISS for the day

6th instance and subsequent infractions- Suspension

Mandatory Uniform

Please be advised that we are a mandatory uniform school. Though we have loosened the requirements, at minimum you must have some type of black pants and a green shirt under your outerwear item. Those failing to wear the uniform will receive parent contact.

Morning Show

Please find the first Morning Show from the TV Productions Team for the year! Excellent work TV productions!

Morning Show

Cyberbullying campaign

At CHF we foster an environment that is free of any bullying or harassment. This includes cyberbullying which is pervasive throughout our society. Please see this wonderful video created by our TV productions team that is directed at fighting this scourge. Let’s work together to eradicate bullying in all fashions wherever it is found!

Cyberbullying campaign


The Office of Intramural Training & Education at the National Institutes of Health is seeking motivated, hard-working students who are interested in STEM careers to apply to the High School Scientific Training and Enrichment Programs (HiSTEP for juniors and HiSTEP 2.0 for seniors)! This is a paid summer internship opportunity and we are specifically seeking students who have little to no prior out-of-school STEM hands-on experiences.  The applications will open in the next week or so.

HiSTEP and HiSTEP 2.0 Info Session

We have scheduled a webinar for you and your students to learn more about the programs and the application process. Please feel free to share this information with your networks.

When:  Thursday December 9th at 7pm

Please register:

Math Tutoring

The CHF Math Honor Society is offering free after school Math tutoring again this year. Tutoring will be held weekly, every Friday on Zoom, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Meeting Link: Mu Alpha Theta Tutoring

Once you join the session, tutors (also flowers students) will assist in ALL levels of math, and also in SAT Prep. You can then identify a subject and go into a breakout room!

Applying for Specialty Programs

Here is a chart to learn how to apply to the 3D Scholars, S&T, and Fire Academy programs.

Clubs and Organizations- Meeting Schedule

Now that we have made it through homecoming, we are now ready to begin with Clubs and Organizations. Meetings can occur after school and virtually.  Here is a list of clubs and organizations with the sponsor’s contact information and meeting dates.

The Return of Manhood 101

Next Session is Wednesday, December 8th and will be live. All sessions will occur from 7pm to 8:30pm. Live sessions will occur bi-monthly in the CHF Media Center on alternating weeks with virtual sessions held on the opposing week.  Please reach out to lead mentor Br. Bleu Colquitt at [email protected] for more information.