World Wide News

Eugene Greeley and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

Delayed shipments-

A lot of things are causing a delay in shipments around the world. Some of the things that have caused delayed shipments are container shortages, floods, Covid-19 outbreak backlogging ports. These delays are putting retailers in a crunch to not keep shelves stocked. With delayed shipments of food and necessities we can only wonder how Christmas will be affected.-

Madagascar facing effects of climate change-

Madagascar has been going through a food crisis as of late. A lot of trustworthy sources such as “CNN, and The New York Times” are blaming the food crisis on climate change. Consecutive years of low rainfall have prolonged this crosses of a drought that now sets them into their food scarcity that is leaving tens of thousands of people into  extinction-like conditions.

Biden and Xi have a virtual meeting-

President of the USA Joe Biden has held a virtual meeting with President of China Xi Jinping to discussed the complex nature of relations between the two countries and the important of managing competition responsibility. In a previous meeting both of the Presidents interest aliens and the most recent meeting they wanted make sure their intentions are known and pure.