New COVID variant “Omicron” is in Maryland!

Avery Thomas and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

Just last week I posted an article talking about this new variant and how it could possibly affect the Mecca. Just in case you didn’t read that article, I explained what the variant was and what the global concern was. Within that article I also expressed my concern on what this could mean for schools because I know I don’t want to go virtual again.

I made that article on December 2nd 2021 and the first case in the U.S. was in San Francisco.  A little over 24 hours later we get word that this new variant has reached Maryland. Three cases have been confirmed, One case is from an individual that traveled and came back from South Africa recently. Another case was from an unvaccinated individual with a close contact to the person who came back from South Africa. The third case was totally unrelated to the first two cases as this person was vaccinated and had no recent travel history. Just like that this variant is on two different sides of the country and may spread.  The governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan states “Our entire team is continuing to very closely monitor the situation….”

Who are these people monitoring the situation? How concerned are we about this? Will this incite another shutdown  or is being safe going to save us from having to quarantine? Also they are having meetings about ending the mask mandate in Maryland, what is that about? I feel like ending the mask mandate would be one of the worst decisions ever. How do you feel about this new variant being so close to you? Sound off in the comments on what would be best for you.