COVID-19 and Our Education – How COVID-19 is affecting YOUR future?

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As the quarantine and the first quarter at Charles Herbert Flowers comes to an end, one has to wonder if student’s academic results were directly impacted by virtual learning. There was a huge loss in learning for many students due to virtual learning and consequently many students are months behind on core subjects such as Math and English. With the new Omicron variant just hitting Maryland, confusion along with many questions linger in the air, the main one being will student learning continue to suffer because of lockdowns.

The Covid-19 Slide
Research conducted and detailed on by the NEWA in a articled called the “The Covid-19 Slide: What summer learning loss can tell us about the potential impact of school closures on student academic achievement”, they touch on how students projections may show patterns of academic setbacks (A COVID-19 slide) compared to their past academic achievements. A COVID-19 Slide is a critical academic setback during COVID lockdown.

It’s really unfortunate of the sheer amount of learning loss there was during the pandemic, A Mckinsey article reporting that overall many students were five-six months behind on math and other core subjects. But all we can do as Jaguars is push through! If you are struggling as a result of the pandemic, or just need help in general, talk to your student counselor or teachers. Stay strong Jaguars!,end%20of%20the%20school%20year.