Lessons For Learning: What Can You Do About Your Grades and Mental Health?

Layla Peets and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

So, report cards are out! I know we might not all have been excited to hear about it, but maybe making peace with it is the first step to academic excellence.

Now hear me out, some of our parents are very strict about grades and only want the best for us. But that might not be the best for our mental health. If you dread report cards, maybe your parents could be partially to blame. They can stress you out about grades and leave no time for you to process on your own.

But have no fear, management is here! For you to be working and doing the best you can at school, you’ll need to be mentally ready to do that. That’s the part where some parents fall short. I know many parents aren’t exactly mental safe spaces, so it kind of forces you to either be your own safe space, or ignore your mental health. Neither are good for your grades.

A way to better your grades despite this is, taking a break. If you’re stressing over school work, take a mental break and go and do something helpful. Listen to some encouraging music, take a walk, or do something that’ll make you happy. Another way to help your grades while dealing with mental health is journalize how you feel and what will help you achieve your goals. Just remember, talking to a person about how you feel is always an option! You’re never alone.