First Week Into Lockers


Jada Mclean and Editors: Joshua Nunez, Oluwadamilola Afe

Here at Charles Herbert Flowers Highschool, students have received their lockers on December 5th, 2021. With our new lockers, new rules are being enforced. School rules say that if your bag is not a clear bag, or a mesh bag, it cannot be worn to class. Rules also say that big coats shouldn’t be worn, and should be stored in their locker as well.

Following the issuing of lockers, many students have started to use their lockers to store their belongings, and you don’t see bookbags being worn as much as before. Although, not all students seem to be too happy with the change. Some have continued to use their bookbags due to the convenience of carrying their belongings, other students continue to wear their big coats, and some simply don’t care for school rules.

Some teachers continuously tell students to put their bookbags away into their lockers, but that doesn’t mean compliance is a guarantee. Some students were removed from class and sent into the office just for wearing their bookbags. Some students didn’t even receive their lockers, or have issues with their current one, and are unable to store their belongings away. Some lockers students have received are small, and cannot fit their belongings. Although, tolerance to wearing coats and bookbags is different for every teacher. Some teachers do not care for about bags, and will allow students to have them in their class, while some will crack down on every student.