Marches for Justice, are they effective?



Chinemerem Opaigbeogu, Staff Reporter

There have been marches for the killings of Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and Eric Gardner. The question is, are these marches being effective?  Have they been making an impact? Are they getting the attention they needed to make a real difference? “I don’t believe society is doing enough, that only when there is a huge tragedy do people come together, I believe they could do more.” said Mr. Albert T. Lewis. “There’s need to be a better job of people enforcing the law.” In terms of Dr.King’s dream coming true, Mr.Lewis’s response was “ Portions of it have come true but we need to continue to be improving on it.”
“I disagree with the way the protests are happening” said Mr.Myles. “I don’t believe that they are going to work because we’re not united in our community. We must know our history and have a sustainable economic force. In order for us to come out of our problems we need to take care of our economic issues.” “No I don’t believe that Dr.King’s dream has come true yet, and we won’t be able to achieve it until we know ourselves” Mr.Myles said.