Issues With Flowers WiFi

Ashton Woodman, Reporter/Writer | Editor: Oluwadamilola Afe

Recently, the WiFi within the school has been poor, and constantly cutting out. This hinders our communication within the school, which raises concerns when there could be a potential issue within the building. Even the school devices within the building are affected by this outage, and not every student has sufficient mobile data to use their mobile phones, and phones can’t fully emulate the versatility of computers. There has been many times students have completely lost, or have been unable to do work because of internet outages. The internet has gone down routinely in the past 2 months for maintenance.

I think WiFi boosters would help the school’s WiFi situation, allowing for bigger signal boosts and coverage. I also believe that students should not be policed too harshly with using their devices, especially with frequent outages and technological problems. As students, we should find a way to take our concerns a level higher to try and make a change.