The Caribbean Culture Club: The Modern-Day Melting Pot of Flowers High

As the school year marches on, many clubs are up and running. One of those clubs is the Caribbean Culture Club, a club focused on inclusivity and providing a safe space for all to express themselves.

In this club, students are free to express themselves and their culture while being surrounded by likeminded people from similar situations who can openly talk about the challenges and triumphs of both themselves and their respective countries.

The beauty of this club is that not only are there a variety of cultures to talk about, new foods to try or new games to play, but there are also tons of new people to meet and new experiences just waiting to be had. Each member come from a different background so there’s never really one country or point of view being discussed.

With that level of representation, you learn about others while also learning about yourself. You find people who can relate to your struggles and lack of knowledge, while also finding yourself and having fun at the same time.

The club itself is just getting back on its feet. It’s been offline since 2018 but now with a new sponsor, Zena Whitworth, who not teaches Journalism but is also an active participant of the club, things seem to be on the right track.

However, nothing can move without a push from something else.

Nothing starts off rolling without being acted on by an outside force.

We want you to be that force.

An amazing feature of this club is that despite the name, it doesn’t only accept those from Caribbean backgrounds. Our president, Grace Ajayi, a key member of this club, is amazing at asking questions that can be answered by anyone. Those questions could easily be the starting point of many new discussions.

As this club continues on into the new year, it is expected that this melting pot like comparison will only be further proven as new members choose to join.

The Caribbean Culture Club meets every Wednesday. Even if you have never been to a meeting, think about coming out to rep your culture.

We hope to see you there!