Creative Writing Club: Let’s Talk Gender Norms


Ryhanna Mbakop

Stacey Alexis, Writer/Reporter

Attention Jaguars! On Thursday, December 9, 2021, from 4pm to 5:30pm, the Creative Writing Club will be hosting a discussion on gender norms, gender stereotypes, and how gender misconceptions impact one’s role in society, as well as how we can use writing to spread awareness about the negative effects of gender norms on society and people as a whole. The author of Baby Fever, Dani-Ella, will also be in attendance that evening to provide some insight on her book, the reoccurring issue in her book: the lack of gender equality, and more. As there will be some serious topics mentioned during the discussion, the Creative Writing Club wants to make a safe environment where students’ voices can be heard. Anyone is welcome to join and the Creative Writing Club hopes to see you there!

Click this link to join the talk!