Litter Hurts The Environment

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle


Dakota Meekins

Over the course of the school year, there have been multiple instances of litter seen in our senior parking lot and around the school building.

Students are outraged, says senior,  “I feel like my peers have no respect for our community”.

Not only is littering affecting students; but also, trash is detrimental to our environment.  Charles Herbert Flowers is less than a mile away from a pond and the parking lot is in close proximity to multiple storm drains. If this pollution continues,  then litter can enter our waterways and become waste in the habitats of aquatic organisms.

Students!  Take action in anyway that you can. When you see something, say something, encourage your fellow classmates to protect our environment by throwing trash in the trash and recycling bin when they can.

Every classroom has a blue recycle container, please place your water bottles and other recyclables.