Steps to Opening You Locker

These steps are for anyone who is still having trouble putting in there combination.


Dakota Meekins

Abigail Nwanwa

I know it has been almost two years since we have used lockers. Since then many of us have forgotten how to open our lockers, I struggled myself at first. This has caused some of us to ask our friends and peers to open it for us.

Here are five simple steps to opening up your locker.

Step 1: Get your three number combination code ex. 7 – 23 – 1

Step 2: Start at zero and turn your locker three time back and start back at zero

Step 3: Turn your lock clockwise to you first number (7)

Step 4: Turn your lock counterclockwise skip your second number (23) and then stop at the second number the second time

Step 5: Than turn your lock clockwise straight to your third number (1) and open up the locker