Wiser Than You Think

FAITH GEMOH , Dakota Meekins//Editor


 Once upon a time, there lived a dog, a pig, a tortoise and his wife. The dog was a doctor, and the tortoise and his wife were just ordinary villagers with little to no money. Meanwhile the pig, on the other hand, was a very rich villager. So one day, the tortoise’s wife got really sick and needed to go to the hospital but they didn’t have any money. So  the tortoise decided to borrow money from the pig in order to take his wife to the hospital. The pig, who was so kind, gave the tortoise the money but gave him a month to pay him back. The tortoise took the wife to the dog who was the doctor and she was treated. A month went by in the blink of an eye and the tortoise did not know how that had happened but the next day, the pig was at his door to collect the money. The tortoise pleaded with the pig and said he didn’t have the money.The pig with a kind heart, gave him an additional two weeks to get the money. 


Two weeks later, the pig came back but the tortoise still did not  have the money so the pig was very angry and gave him one more week to get his money or else he would never help the tortoise out again. A week later, the tortoise was home with  the wife assisting her to grind pepper on a grinding stone when he saw the pig approaching  his house.  Knowing he still did not have the money, the tortoise rolled up into his shell and the wife used him as the  small grinding stone instead. 

When the pig came to the door, he was hoping to get his money, so he asked the tortoise wife where her husband was and she said he had gone out. So the pig asked the wife if her husband, before leaving, left his money but the wife refused and out of anger, the pig threw away the small stone which was in Mrs Tortoise’s hand but didn’t know it was the tortoise himself. So  the wife started crying, and then the tortoise came out from the bush where he had been thrown by the pig a few minutes ago and pretended to be coming from getting the pig’s money. 


When the tortoise arrived, he saw the wife crying and so he asked what the problem was and she said the pig threw away her grinding stone. So the tortoise was angry and told the pig that if he does not provide the stone, then he will not get his money back. 


Which is why till this very day, the pig is always digging the ground, or searching the bush for the stone because he wants his money back.