Winter Wonderland Wars Day 1 Winners

Reyna Tagyen

Hello,  all!!

Today was the start of our Winter Wonderland Wars!! There were two events students were competing in today: attendance and the scavenger hunt.
For attendance the upperclassmen came in 1st, with over 70 more students in class than the underclassmen. In regards to the scavenger hunt, the upperclassmen turned in 84 items, and the underclassmen turned in 40 items. That means the upperclassmen also came in 1st for the scavenger hunt!
Because of these results the UPPERCLASSMEN are the WINNERS of the 1st day of Winter Wonderland Wars! Underclassmen please don’t be discouraged!! We still have 4 days left in the competition.
Please remember, we will be counting attendance, collecting hats and gloves, and collecting scavenger hunt items all week! Good luck to all!!!!