Winter Wonderland Wars Commence!


Nia Tabe, Dakota Meekins//Editor


Tuesday, December 14th

-Students of the executive board will decorate a gingerbread house and judges(teachers) will decide who wins! Whoever wins scores a point for the upperclassmen or lower classmen(depending on which grade they are in)! This event will be held after school.

Wednesday, December 15th

-Come dressed in your favorite Christmas/Winter themed sleeping attire/ PJ’s!(Please ensure all pjs follow PGCPS dress code, they must be appropriate i.e: no tank tops, see-through pajamas etc)

Thursday, December 16th

-Class sponsors and student reps will create a mini-christmas tree. The class with the best tree will get a point for the upperclassmen or lowerclassmen. Remember we are looking for creativity and individuality! Trees do not have to be traditional!

Friday, December 17th

Santa Vs. Elves! Upperclassmen should either come dressed in red, or your favorite Santa themed clothing! Underclassmen should come dressed in green or elf-related apparel. The class with the most people dressed in their color/Christmas character, wins the point!


Dec 13/17 There will be a school-wide scavenger hunt in which christmas-themed items(you’ll know when you see them) will be hidden around the school! If you find one, bring it to Dr.Benons(Room 0110) before the other classes do! The class with the most collected items will win a point.

Attendance and GPA

Dec 13-17 Throughout the week, attendance will be collected in order to see which class is showing up to school on time! Along with this, the grade GPA of First Quarter will be collected, so make sure you keep those grades up and get to class on time in order to receive the point! Not just for the week but every day!!!

Socks and Winter Hat Drive

Dec 13-17 You are greatly encouraged to turn in NEW socks and winter hats to Dr.Benons room(Room 110) for those in need. The class who brings in the most items will receive the point!

Hallway Contest

Starting the week of 12/6, each class will have the opportunity to decorate their designated hallways. The hallways will be judged on Monday 12/ 20.