Giving My Thanks To The Best.

Layla Peets and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

First off, I’m not religious, but I am thankful for many things. The most prominent thing I’m thankful for would be my mother. When my father decided to stop seeing me for no reason at the age of 8, she was there. A time where I was thankful for my mother the most would be over quarantine.

I remember my mom and I were doing a ghost tour in Williamsburg, led by an old white man. It was a good tour don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t like how the man acted. The whole time he kept overcompensating for slavery. And every time he would mention black people in any way, he’d stare right at us like we were the only people there. Since we had to walk from place to place, there would be gaps of silence between destinations. Instead of making them awkward, he would talk and tell jokes. In one of these gaps, he asked my mom and I how we would feel about him leading a black history tour (He called it a black tour by the way.) My mother was about to go off on him and cause a scene, so I stepped in. I said “Why would it matter if you were black or white, as long as you don’t whitewash anything, we don’t really care. And why are you asking us?” He knew we lived in PG, and knew nothing about any of that, so I don’t know why he asked us. Maybe it was because we wore George Floyd shirts. Or maybe it was because we were the only black people on the tour.

But anyway, I’m thankful for my mother, who let me speak, and said I did a good job. I’m thankful she was there when I broke my arm, sprained my ankle twice, and twisted my knee. I’m thankful she kept me company when I was in the hospital for almost a week for something as little as a finger. I’m thankful we went to therapy together, and got to understand each other better. I’m thankful she puts up with my ADHD.

I’m thankful for her boyfriend, who treats me like his own daughter. I’m thankful he helped us when a huge tree branch hit our truck in the pouring rain with glass in our hair. And of course I’m thankful for my friends, who I can trust with the world.