Congrats to our 2021 P.G. County Champion GOLF Team

Carlyle Rose/Athletic Director; Coach Greene

A Big Shout to our Golf Team, they competed at the County Championships yesterday at Enterprise Golf Course. Let’s welcome the 2021 P.G. County Team Champions back on campus today!!!
Here is a message from Coach Greene…
It would be an understatement to even say or to try to explain how Proud I Am of This Team.    When we started out I had projected that if we work smart another Championship was in store for Flowers in the near future.   I was not concerned with that happening this season, but you never know.
It had been give and take competing with Roosevelt all season.  Our winning score today of 204 to 209 was very close.
Today’s results are as follows: Kaitlyn-96 Female County Champion and 2nd Place Freshman Div., Jadon-47, 1st Place Junior Div., Amber-54, 2nd Place Junior Div., Dariel-53-3rd Place Senior Div., Zavien-54, Cory-58, Ceattle-62 and our team are the 2021-Prince George’s County Champions and South Division Champions.
“Congratulations Golf Team for bringing home the Championship!   A prime example of Excellence Without Excuses.  Well Done!”  By Brandon Jackson
“Congratulations to our Champions!

Dariel is in my class right now and she said it’s her birthday too. What a way to celebrate one’s birthday! ” By Leonila Demiao
“Congratulations to the Golf Team and the Coaches! Job well done – Go Jags!!!!”  By Victoria Lee