Lets Talk Gender Norms: Winning Monologue


Stacey Alexis and Audrey Nguezetgouanet

On December 7th, the Creative Writing Club hosted a discussion about gender norms, gender stereotypes, and how gender misconceptions impact one’s role in society. It was announced in the discussion that students can present monologues and one student will be rewarded for what is voted to be the best monologue. The students and their special guest voted that Audrey Nguezetgouanet had the winning monologue and got to share it here with you! Congratulations Audrey for your amazing writing ability!

“So, what? Because you tell me you are some self-proclaimed feminist I must now worship the ground you walk on? You preach about equality while putting men down. You want a man that is tall, handsome, smart and funny, a modern day Prince Charming. Anyone else is simply unacceptable. Yet if I prefer a [ more well endowed woman in the chest area]. I am a materialist pig and body shamer that only cares about appearances. ‘It’s what’s on the inside that counts.’ You expect me to be a provider, to pay for your meals, open doors for you, cook for you, clean for you, work for you. But God forbid you make me a sandwich when I ask. The only experience I have with feminists are woman that think the only way to gain equal rights is by taking rights from men. I can’t hit a woman, but I can stand there while she beats me within an inch of my life. Feminist have a way of promoting acceptance and women’s rights by trampling on men. You’ll call me a misogynist for the simplest things but let’s talk about your misandry. You sure can talk but can you take what you dish out? So, save me your sanctimonious BS cause I’ve heard it all. You want equality, just not equal fights, right?” The man was breathing heavily after his rant and looking down vengefully.

“S-sir, I just-just asked if-if-if you wan-ted t-to b-buy Girl Sco-out cook-ies.” The little girl had tears in her eyes and was trembling. Without waiting for a response, she promptly turned around and ran back to her house, slamming the door behind her.”