AFJROTC Pass in review

Mikayla Smith, Staff Writer

Mr. Brown  the school principal attended the pass in review. Pass in review is a ceremony for the commander to review his or her cadets and to see what they have learned throughout the year. The cadets had the opportunity to showcase their hard work and discipline that they learned from the beginning of the school year. The pass in review took place on the school parking lot on april-29-2015 during 4th period.
At the end of the pass in review the senior cadets said there good byes and gave the cadets advice on how to be a leader and how to be a good follower. It was an emotional challenge for some of the senior cadets but they pulled through it. “I’m excited and looking forward to see the cadet’s pride for the program and to view the cadets progress” said Major Stovall. As a cadet I felt proud of myself that I knew commands that were giving because before I struggled trying to learn them