Covid Lockdown Pt.2? (The Saga Continues):


Brianna Biggs, Dakota Meekins//Editor

On December 15, 2021, Dr. Monica Goldson (CEO of Prince George’s Public County Schools) released a statement via email detailing the recent surge of Covid-19 cases among the students and staff of PGCPS. The announcement stated that there will be a closure of Benjamin Tasker Middle School, EXCEL Academy Public Charter School and Kettering Middle School. These schools will begin virtual learning for the remainder of 2021, up until Monday, January 3rd 2022.

However, with the releasing of this announcement it almost seems as if we as a community are regressing. Will society ever get back to “normal”? ¬†What are we doing wrong that is contributing to the re-emergence of this virus? We are only three months in to the 2021-2022 school year. If anything Dr. Goldson’s announcement just further strengthens the idea that following protocol is vital to staying safe and protected. So, it is important to remember to wear a face mask at all times (covered over your nose), remain at a healthy distance between one another, wash your hands with soap and hot water for around 20 seconds, etc. Lastly, after reviewing Dr. Goldson’s email it leaves a proposing question. What does this mean for the Mecca? It’s no secret that there has been a rise of cases going on within CHFHS. So, it raises the suspicion of a possible closing of Flowers.