League of Legends Insiders

Ja’an Shearard, Staff Writer

This week for League of Legends features Ashe receiving a Champion Update. There are also ten new skins announced which are Samsung White Skins for Singed,Rengar,Talon,Twitch,Thresh for Samsung White who won the Championships in LCS. The other skins are Ace Of Spades Ezreal,King Of Clubs MordeKaiser, Wild Cards Shaco and Queen Of Diamonds Syndra. And last Star Guardian Lux.  Ashe’s Kit has been changed to where she has a entirely new passive and Q. Ashe’s Passive is Frost Shot. Ashe’s basic attacks now have a permaslow and as long as the target has Frostshot applied to them Ashe critically strikes them otherwise Ashe can no longer critically strike.
Ashe’s Q is Rangers Focus. Ashe builds Focus stacks by attacking, up to 5 stacks. When she activates Rangers Focus Ashe gains Attack Speed and her passive slow is improved for 4 seconds. Ashe’s W is Volley. Ashe fires 7 arrows in a cone but has been changed so that the arrows are easily blocked now. Ashe’s E is Hawkshot. Ashe sends a owl to scout a area for 4 seconds. It has now been changed to no longer give gold upon killing a unit instead it now is global and on ammo, but the recharge is longer than the old cooldown.
Finally Ashe’s Ultimate is Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Ashe fires a Enchanted Crystal Arrow on the map if it hits a enemy champion they are stunned for up to 3.5 seconds and enemies around them take half the damage and the passive slow. Star Guardian Lux was a dedication to a Rioter who designed Lux and left Riot Industries a little while ago. About a month ago there was new skins that are slowly being released which are Risen Fiddlesticks,Forsaken Jayce,Master Arcanist Ziggs.Guardian Of The Sands Xerath,Skarner and Rammus.