Are Lockers to Blame For The Recent Surge of COVID-19 Cases?


Stacey Alexis

Students open their own lockers for the first time in years.

Dakota Meekins and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

Jaguar students received their locker assignments on December 5th, 2021, and since then COVID cases seemed to be on a steady rise. On December 15th, only 10 days after receiving lockers, Dr.Brown sent out a COVID-19 communication letter stating that several individuals in our school have tested positive and only one day later informed us that nearly 900 students received communication about close contact and were instructed to quarantine.

Could this be a coincidence? or could this be a product of locker distribution, which could prove to make contact tracing less accurate and less effective. Just think about what you see during the school day, about 4 people at one locker chatting with their friends often times with their mask down, this is not safe for students.

Students! Make sure you are following COVID protocol, wearing your mask correctly, and washing your hands. If you feel sick, stay home, and have your parent write a note to excuse your absence. NO grade is more important than the health and safety of yourself and others.