Check your Emails to see if you’re on the Close Contact List

If you are, please head home!


Stacey Alexis

Stacey Alexis, Editor: Tyrisha Bailey

When we walked into the school building this morning, we were hit with a wave of confusion and fear. Two staff members were shouting to the students to wait on Main Street and to “Check your emails to check if your on the close contact list.” Students were crowded around on their phones and laptop checking to see if they were on the list. If you were, you were instructed to go home, one way or another.

Ms. Branic’s 2B class was virtually empty with about 10-15 students in today.

As we were checking the list, we found out that nearly 900 students were instructed to quarantine for the last 5 days of school due to being in close contact with someone who had Covid or you have a positive test status. It’s also said that about 35 to 40 teacher are also out today due to this outbreak.

Every class was full of empty desks and tables.

Since so many teacher are gone, Principal Dr. Brown said for students to go to class and if your teacher isn’t there, a paper on the door should have told you to go to the gym, cafeteria, or auditorium. After reading this email, students can be heard complaining, “This could have been done better,” or “The contact tracing must be inaccurate, too many students are sick!” or “What if someone here have Covid? We all could be in trouble!” Covid has hit the school harder then ever and seamlessly overnight and staff and students are getting tired and scared.

To all the staff and students who are at home sick and quarantined, we wish you a speedy recovery and don’t lose hope okay?