Poetry Slam Column

Alice Oshin, Staff Writer

Raven Gillus write a beautiful poem thats has a strong message that anyone with a strong love  for poetry can relate to or people with a common interest can relate to .
Mind, Body, Spirit   By Raven Gillus
it doesnt add up
i feel so paralyzed
my feelings i try to hide
but instead they mutiply
i was so blinded
i was so young
i never really knew life
i never really knew love
hard to explain
i try not to complain
about the things i cant change
and whats made me insane
what’s going on in my brain
its more than just a headache
more than just a physical pain
too much to intake
i inhale my last breath as i play
this Russian roulette game
man im bout to blow my cranium
hold up the gun
3.. 2.. 1
the sensations got me feeling numb
whats going on
this life is done
along with hope
all feelings gone
dark place
outta space
nothing’s really sensible
tryna feel for a solution
motions undetectable
slightly regretful
never thought id let it go
something real im tryna find
feelings uncomprehendible
what do i do now
i dont even know
i cant feel it in my bones anymore
but my minds stil going so slow
i am a facade
concealing the unknown
i felt myself leave
as i let myself go
long time coming
i can finally sense a soul
finally found the pieces
to make me whole
again i can feel
and i cant fight the feeling
waking up in a new reality
like im lucid dreaming
a new life i have to find
meanwhile ive realized
theres really no beginning
theres really no end
its all energy continuing
to flow again
it keeps flowing
u gotta keep it going
now im back to me
back to reality
sight is blurry
that im resurrecting now
cant doubt your abilities
constantly questioning, how
im gonna do this
how im gonna get thru this
becoming such a nuisance
and that is when the truth hits