Are You Spending The Holiday Season With Those You Love?

Avery Thomas and Copy Editor: Joshua Nunez

There is no secret about it, COVID-19 cases are on the rise once again. A total of 108 days since September 8th (the first day of school) and we are virtual once again. With the new “Omicron” variant on the rise, is it safe to travel or invite family over? Before COVID-19 my whole family would come together at my house for Christmas and create unforgettable memories.


Now with COVID-19 back in its prime March 2020 state, this will be my second consecutive Christmas with only my family that lives with me. I think we can all agree on two things, that COVID-19 sucks and that it is also nothing to play with. Life before COVID-19, I felt so free and now everywhere I go there are restrictions. Christmas is supposed to be a time of love and giving with your family, but when it’s not the whole family, the holidays feel different. My Great-Grandma cancelled her trip down from Pittsburgh because of the new surge of cases and it sucks.


About a month ago on November 23rd, 2021, I wrote an article titled “Who Were You Missing On Thanksgiving”. Today I am here asking you the same question just in different wording. Is everybody you usually spend Christmas with going to be with you? Or are you like me and some of your family cancelled their trips because of the pandemic. If you are missing anybody this Christmas, like this post and sound off in the comments or write your own article about it.